The face veil – what children think


I see women with veils at a few places, but mostly on streets walking along the pavements and when I look out of the car window.  When I see women with veils I think they look scary because I only see their eyes staring and it scares me.  Even if I’m scared people should wear what they want.  People should be fine if women wear veils.  People should not force them to take it off and stop wearing it.

I wonder how the women in veils breathe, drink and eat.  I wonder if they get hot when it is really sunny.  I do think it is rude when people don’t show their face when they are talking because you can’t see their emotions.  You can’t see if they are angry, sad, embarrassed, jealous, scared, happy, excited and surprised.  But I would talk to a woman in a veil.