Why Mother’s are Special?

Mothers are special.

Mothers give life to us and even throughout our lives, they are always there for us.  They are there from when we are a new born baby, to a toddler, to that in between stage of 5-12 years, to a teenager, and to an adult.  In each stage of our lives, we give our mothers different things to worry about.

They think of us before they think of themselves:

  • They will thirst for us
  • They will starve for us
  • They will die for us

Mothers are special.


Pretty Clever

“I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me.”

This sentence was written on girls tops which were being sold in America. Lots of mums were angry about the slogan because it is saying that girls aren’t smart but boys are. I agree with the mums and i wouldn’t want my my mum to buy me a top like that because I am smart. Girls can be clever and pretty..

My mum got worried when she read about the story and looked in my wardrobe to check if she had accidentally bought me any T-shirts with negative slogans. All my T-shirts were fine.

I have two brothers, one is seven years old and the other one is ten years old. They have superheroes on their tops. They are being told that they are strong and powerful. Girls should be told they have ‘girl power’ because girls can do anything!