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  1. hamra
    Jul 19, 2010 @ 08:31:45

    Dear Aaliya,
    First of all at your tender age of 8, i am so happy to read your views on the subject of the veil.

    As a fashion designer designing mainly the veil and the kaftan, i wanted to expand your knowledge on these clothes. Do have a look at my website.
    My dear the veil goes back to the history of the arabs, the victorians and all previous cultures, including the spanish, the italians, the jewish and so forth.

    the veil on the face however is something the muslim women have adapted, and can look rather beautiful too. If you ever travel to the middle east or the GCC countires or even better if you are in birmingham then a trip to knightsbridge.
    You will find alot of women with beauitul veils upon the faces and on their heads. the headress can look very royal as i too used to wear it, however i never felt the importance of wearing it upon my face in such a busy london lifestyle.

    I think the veil on the face is also a part of a womans shyness, she covers her face when she is shy….Why dont you look through some cultures of how women wore the veil many decades ago?.

    I have to agree the women dont look very pretty with veil on their faces in england, but they do in cairo, dubai and other places, like france?

    let me understand are you Shaista’s Gohir’s daughter?

    I was 7-8 when i knew i wanted to be a fashion designer.


    Hamra Alam


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